Immunotherapy for equine pathologies

Specialized in the treatment of equine arthropathies
Treatments for equine asthma
A state-of-the-art laboratory

"AIC immunotherapy: An anti-inflammatory and regenerative medicine for equine pathologies"



The Veterinarian - A.I.C President


A pioneer in the evolution of the veterinary profession at the back of digital developments and the latest therapeutic advances. Leading innovators in the field of animal health and welfare.

Luc is the scientific leader of the AIC Project

Nicolas GRUET

Nicolas GRUET

The Partnership builder & Business Development


Orchestrator of the talents within AIC, strategist of the marketing and commercial implementation of the projects of the laboratory.

Nicolas is the promoter of AIC's activity and internationalisation.



The Bio-technician - General Manager


Responsible for the laboratory and methods. Specialist in cell culture and immune treatments. Passionate about quality, and international specialist in GMP procedures.

Jörn leads the production and quality of AIC.

The different

Strengthening the immune system

A failure of the horse's immune system is characterized by recurrent infections, whether as a result of illness, injury, surgery or simply the consequence of a certain age.

Personalized stimulation of the immune system gives the veterinarian the possibility of proposing an effective therapeutic response in many cases without the drug risk.


Equine asthma is a common respiratory syndrome. Two different degrees of severity are now identified: mild or moderate asthma (formerly IAD) and moderate to severe asthma (previously known as RAO).

Pulmonary bleeding : We talk about exercise-induced pulmonary hemorrhage when we can show the presence of blood in the airways during or immediately after intense exercise.


 Arthropathies (joint diseases: arthritis for acute and active inflammations, osteoarthritis for the degenerative process) are frequent in sport horses, but also in recreational horses, particularly from 10 years of age.

Lameness , stiffness , other pathologies affecting the locomotor qualities of the horse are in the focus of research into immunotherapeutic solutions


Cytokine therapy as an alternative strategy to stem cell therapy

Targeted horse diseases

An Immuno-effect observed on Asthma, Arthropathies, Pulmonary bleeding. Astonishing results of regenerative medicine undergoing scientific studies to understand its mechanisms.

The AIC laboratory is specialized in immunotherapeutic treatment. It develops a cocktail of cytokines from the leukocytes of a candidate horse, which will modulate as closely as possible the immune response of this same horse, hence restoring the inflammatory balance to a normal level. It also regenerate certain tissues. The precise mechanisms of action of these combined cytokines is currently under scientific study, but their therapeutic applications are convincing and full of hope.

Production quality for immediate benefit

AIC produit ce cocktail de Cytokines suivant les principes des normes GMP, (en cours d’agrément GMP) pour garantir une sécurité microbiologique optimale, et ainsi permettre aux chevaux de reprendre rapidement la compétition sans s’inquiéter des contraintes anti-dopage qu’induirait un traitement allopathique.

R&D at the cutting edge of current techniques

AIC's research and development is organized with public / private scientific collaborations and close collaboration with veterinarians in order to broaden the indications for treatment still limited today to asthma, arthropathies and pulmonary bleeding.

The laboratory, located on the Normandy Equine Valley Platform located in the heart of the French equine region, aims to develop on a European scale and even shortly serve its customers in the Middle East. AIC wishes to develop a strong link with Equine health professionals through the Gis Centaure network and through the veterinary schools of Lyon and Maisons-Alfort.

Our values


  • Innovation is the constant search for improvements to the existing. AIC saw it in the sense of introducing something new, still unknown, into an established process and services.
  • Innovation results in the design of a new product, service, manufacturing process that can be directly implemented and meets the needs of the final beneficiary.


Being effective means producing the expected results on time. To be complete, the evaluation table must include the assessment according to several other criteria, such as relevance, efficiency, consistency, ability to train, and usefulness.


  • Quality is a discipline in its own right. We ensure Quality management according to GMP principles.
  • The objective is perfect control over the quality of the product that AIC produces.
  • This requires the reliability of each link in the chain.


Congrès de l’AVEF à Marseille

AVEF Congress in Marseille

Animal Immune Company will be present at the AVEF Congress in Marseille in November. We will have a stand, come and visit us ! Except if cancellation due to covid epidemic. Link of the event.

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Lancement officiel d’Animal Immune Company

Official launch of Animal Immune Company

On 9th October 2020 the official launch of Animal Immune Company (AIC) took place, all masked, in the presence of the Normandy Region, the Department of Calvados, Biotargen-UniCaen, LABEO, the Hippolia Cluster as well as the start-ups already present on the AIC website....

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Animal Immune Company
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Animal Immune Company

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