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Animal Immune Company (AIC) is continuously looking for new skills to support its development. Beyond skills, AIC is also looking for Personalities who agree to participate fully in the Start-up adventure! Our values: a group spirit, a personality at the service of AIC, a strong individual commitment to ensure that AIC maintains its status as a leader and goes beyond itself to innovate and challenge itself over and over again.

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Breeders, owners, riders, knowing the immunotherapy needs of equine veterinarians.

As part of its commercial development, Animal Immune Company relies on local specialists who have a thorough knowledge of the health problems of the sport horse as well as an aptitude for dialogue with equine veterinarians. If this matches your profile contact us.

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Mr. Nicolas GRUET

Check this page regularly to see the latest Animal Immune Company needs.


If you are in one of these sectors:

– Quality Management – Biological Resources Centre

– Biotechnology / Process Engineering / Cell and Tissue Engineering

– Conduct of clinical study

– Biostatistics


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